30 Years Ago II

The day after the Loma Prieta quake, Oct 18, 1989, we did not have school. My TV had been damaged by the quake so I had no Nintendo to play, so I called up my buddy Sunil to see what was going on. I walked from my house to his, and then we grabbed his neighbor John and we went to the playground to play strikeouts. After a few hours of that, we went back to Sunil’s house. He had just gotten his first pair of turntables, a couple mis-matches belt-drives and a Pyramid mixer. He had them setup on this wooden box, which was so low you had to kneel on the floor. He had learned to mix over the Summer, so he showed me a few things: How to find the beat, how to throw a record in, and matching the pitch. We used some 2 Live Crew records and I was hooked. Exactly 30 years later... I’m still hooked.