Back To Boom Vol 1


Welcome to the Back To Boom podcast, Volume 1. I’m your host Scotty Fox, and I’ve been a DJ in the Bay Area for 30 years now. I started in the mobile DJ scene in the late 80s, and still consider those years to be some of my favorites.

With this podcast I want to share those stories with you. Not just my stories, but the stories of all the crews that were around back in the day. As a member of two different mobile crews in my time, I know I had plenty of stories to tell, and I figured, a lot of other crews and DJs would, too. So I’ve launched this podcast series with the idea to tell these stories, the origins, the drama, the fun times that our Bay Area DJ scene is founded on.

The first episode is a crew I'm very familiar with, my own crew that I founded, Rhythm In Motion.

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