When The World Cries...

I made this mix the night I heard that Prince had passed away. I hadn't planned on it; there were better DJs more qualified to truly represent the eternal force of music that was His Purpleness. But I made it anyways. I worked on it til 4am, taking a few pauses to wipe tears or just reflect on moments in my life where Prince had affected me. 

The funny thing is, I had already put together a folder of Prince music, and music written or influenced by him. I was going to call it Game:Blouses, and use drops from the iconic Chapelle Show skit, as well as some funnier Prince bits from SNL, MadTv and various video clips. It was going to be light-hearted, tongue-in-cheek, and most of all: FUN. I kept putting it off. "Next mix, next mix". Kinda glad I didn't make that now. People might've been offended. But I don't think Prince would've been. he was known for his jokes. He was mischievous. He even referenced the imagery from the Chapelle Show on one his single covers. He got it. 


Anyways, I waited too long, and he was gone. Just like the world waited too long to truly recognize the artistry. Lost in the chaff of Kanye West, Beyonce, and other artists ruling the airwaves, Prince's music had fallen by the wayside. Sure, I'd play a couple Prince songs at weddings or corporate events. Older folks still liked his music, but he wasn't in the public eye. he wasn't spoken about. People liked Purple Rain. People liked Kiss. But the full genius of the madman from Minneapolis was lost on the public en large.

Recently he had done some shows in the Bay Area. I skipped them, figuring "I'll see him next time". Next time. Because a future without Prince was never considered. Why would it be? Game:Blouses.